Monday, May 9, 2011


Today I made the brave decision to clean out my fridge. You would call me brave too if you saw what I conquered! I have been avoiding it for months now. I would lie to myself and say “oh it does not need to be cleaned out!” When in all reality I knew I had no Tupperware containers left in my cupboard mostly due to the fact that they were in my fridge with some kind of mystery dish inside.

For all of those out there who have cleaned out a fridge, you know what I am talking about. There is always that one container, in my case two or three that you just have no idea anymore what is inside. The contents have become unrecognizable. They should make a game show out of this. It would be called “guess what is in my fridge” the contestants would take turns guessing what is in the mystery container.

It never seems to disappoint that the mystery containers always end up in the back. They keep getting shoved back inch by inch month after month. Not only due to being lazy, but due to denial.

Once you have found the mystery container, that’s when you make the very important decision of “Do I chuck it or suck it up and open it?” Because you and I know by being brave and opening it up risks the chance of being traumatized by the smell while chucking the contents down the sink or in the trash.

If you think about it, it really is quite pathetic. I will battle it out in my head. First I will start off by thinking about if I can stand to part with the container.  Is it worth buying more just because I am lazy and not feeling brave today? I will literally go down the lost of pros and cons. As I write this I realize how ridiculous this really is! Generally if I see mold growing up the side I will just chuck it. No container is worth saving in that case. Unless of course it is my purple container. That one is my favorite! I got it as a wedding gift.

The reason why I think the purple one is my favorite is not because the color, although purple is a fantastic color, but because it was not meant to be mine. When I opened the wedding gift and saw they were containers, I was so excited! I think it might be a girl thing. That is when I found the note. It said, “To Joe and Mary, I hope you enjoy the Tupperware. Best wishes to the both of you. I know you two will be very happy together!” Or some kind of garbage like that. Well, the problem with this is my name is not Mary and my husband is not Joe.

I don’t even care that I got a wedding gift that was meant for Mary and not me. I don’t know who Mary is, but I don’t feel bad at all that I ended up with her container.If you had a purple container as neat as this one, you would understand.  It makes me wonder though if Mary would not have left it in her fridge for so long with left overs that even my dogs would not want to eat.

Now that my fridge is practically empty, I now need to go grocery shopping so that way I can buy more food to cook and waste.

Anyway, that is my story on cleaning my fridge. I would like to end this post by telling you a quote that I thought of while doing this fine duty. “Life is like cleaning out your fridge. You never know what you will find!”

-          Onion Girl


  1. Um, I have yet to do this. I know for a fact that there is a container of sweet potatoes from CHRISTMAS still in there, sitting inconspicuously in the back, hiding in it's little Cool Whip container. Usually my boyfriend (who actually cooks) will go through the fridge once a year. I'm waiting for him to find it.
    PS - Do you have a twitter? I'm @Cakebetch.

  2. Hey! I am so glad you came to my blog. I do not have Twitter. I really have never had the desire. Although it could be fun to just go and tweet a bunch of random crap. I really liked your blog. It made me laugh. So keep writing!

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