Tuesday, May 10, 2011


When I think of a nice sit down restaurant that has fantastic food, Denny’s is not the first that comes to mind. I was in the car with my husband this evening and we passed it. They had their lights on but I did not see anyone inside. At first I thought, “I wonder why no one is eating in there?” But then I had to remind myself, “Oh yeah! It is because their food taste like @$$!"

- Onion Girl


  1. We don't have them here. But we have others that also serve @$$! People don't seem to notice how awful they are though. I despair of the UK sometimes.

  2. Well what is worse is normally that taste of ass left in your mouth is not cheap like it used to be. And really, who wants to pay for that? When I am sure there are many ways you can get it for free.