Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bachelorette is back!

 It is that exciting time of year again for the Bachelorette reality show. I know! I am excited too! There is nothing more entertaining than watching someone who completely chucks any morals they might have had out the window in hopes to win the heart of someone they know nothing about.

I always look forward to seeing who is going to be the crazy person in the house. Last year it was contestant “Michelle” on the Bachelor who was the emotionally unstable one. I must admit though, as crazy as she was, I actually kind of liked her. She said exactly what was on her mind and I loved that! 

It sounds mean, but I am actually kind of glad it did not work out with Brad and Emily. I kind of felt she was too good for him. In other words, I felt Brad was kind of a douche.

On Monday when I turned the Bachelorette on, I was crossing my fingers that I would be in for a treat. I knew my wish had come true when I saw not one but THREE douche bags this season!

1.         1. Drunk guy who passes out
2.         2.  Mystery man in the mask
3.         3. Bentley from Utah

It showed in previews that Bentley sticks around even though Ashley was warned. My favorite thing he said so far is “I am not even that attracted to her.” What a dumb woman she is for letting him stick around. I don’t feel bad one bit because this means I get a whole season of heart wrenching drama filled with “WHY ME” tears. So even though I wish a horrifying STD on Bentley, I was thinking maybe something along the lines of Gona-herpa-syphil-aids (four nasty STD’s rolled into one) I secretly hopes he makes it to the end because my life is hard right now and I could use some fantastic drama. I don’t care if it is at another person’s expense. Just give it to me!

I am also curious to know if they do STD screenings before they let everyone have at it because let’s be honest, I am sure there is some freaky things going on and I am not just talking about the nights they have a romantic getaway in their oh so lovely “fantasy suite”.

Oh and before I go I have one more treat for you. I found a picture of Bentley online. All I had to do was go to Google and type in “Erectile dysfunction” and his picture came up! Crazy huh? Who would have known?

- Onion Girl


  1. Have never seen or heard of this show but Bentley does look like a dick.

  2. i haven't seen this show either. and anyone ANYONE named BENTLEY (or MASARATI or DELOREAN or PORSCHE) HAS TO BE A DICK.

  3. UUUUGGG I'm so tired of reality television. Not just the Bachelor, but all of it. Especially American Idol. Is Survivor still on? UUUUUUGGGG

  4. I'm sorry, but is she not the dumbest dumber than a box of rocks chick you ever did see in your life?? SHORT BUS