Monday, May 23, 2011


Today I would like to post some pictures that I am confused about. 

Okay so 1st we will start out with Tori Spelling. Can someone please tell me what went wrong? Did she piss off the plastic surgeon? Is this what happens when your plastic surgeon hates you? She should be highly embarrassed to have boobs that look like that!

# 2   there is so many things I would like to say but I just don’t know where to start. I wonder if she felt that adding the two dollars a yard red lace would help her feel prettier. I am sure they love each other very much and I would not be surprised if their wedding registry was done at Wal-Mart.

# 3   Is this a toy condom for a dog?

# 4  It says ”create a gigantic friend! Stuff hug and play!” Stuff it with what I wonder? I know a few people who would love this thing! 

# 5 Can this lady honestly not feel her gut hanging out of her own dress?

 # 6  can someone please tell me how they wipe their butt?

# 7 Well, they need to start learning young that things don’t come cheap. You need to work for it!

- Onion Girl


  1. I thought #2 was going to haunt my dreams forever.

    Then I saw #5.

  2. I am SO TIRED of Tori Spelling. I don't CARE. GOD. I wish they would stop talking about her so I don't have to see her weird face or hear her talk about how it was okay for her to cheat on her husband because she is finally with the right guy.
    And the rest of the pictures?? W.T.F????

  3. #5 is wrong, wrong and more wrong.

  4. My favorite is # 4. I would be a liar if I said I did not want to buy my husband one of those. Honestly though, who doesn’t want a super hero doll with a hole in its mouth?

  5. #6 is easy. They have a sawhorse with a towel laying across the top. Wipe like a dog whips his butt on the grass.

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  7. tori's tits are so wrong. SO WRONG. can't they fix them?! just awful.

  8. No- that gut hanging one has GOT to be altered?!
    How do they wipe their ass- or wash their hands, or sleep???

  9. With #5, I thought that fat chick in the pink dress had her twat hangin' out down below. I guess it was just hopeful thinking. Dang, I'd like to hit that. Ooooh weee.