Tuesday, May 3, 2011

People you would love to smack

One thing that has always really annoyed me is people who just take take take and never give anything in return. These are the kinds of people who will gladly accept your help, but as soon as you need something they are nowhere to be found. They are all the sudden “really busy” and do not have the time. These are the kinds of people who are known as “a-holes” in this world.
The kind of people who are so cheap that they never leave a tip when at a restaurant. The kind of people who go around acting like they are so Christian, but in reality they are far from it. The people who can see everyone else’s flaws, but they don’t take a look in the mirror. The kind of person who always has to correct you because you are “doing it wrong.”
The kind of people who only do service for someone while thinking “what am I going to get out of this?” The best thing though is that you can talk about this kind of person all you want because they are too ignorant to ever guess it is them that you are talking about. I am sure we all know someone like this. So if you are wondering “is she talking about me?” The answer is most likely no because that would make you intelligent and the person I am talking about has about as many brain cells as I have in shoes. So about 55 give or take.

 - Onion Girl

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